We had the great privilege to attend the 38th annual Missions Conference at Good News Baptist Church this week! Pastor and Mrs. Coles are such dear and sweet people and it was a Joy to get to know them better as the week passed. Dr. Guy Altizer was the main conference speaker. Please pray for him and his wife, Cookie, as they travel to present the "Windows of Heaven" ministry to other churches across America. 

It was great to see so many familiar faces as the church has been supporting Stephen's family for over 20 years. As we walked by the decorative bushes near the entrance, Stephen was reminded of the fun times he spent as a child catching little frogs with his brothers near the decorative landscaping. We had the opportunity to teach the children, the teenagers and present our ministry to the adults during the services. We were also blessed to spend time with many other missionaries during the daytime hours and are grateful for the new forged friendships. We are thankful to all those who encouraged us and prayed for us while we attended the conference. 

Thank you for your continuing prayers!

Here are a few pictures from the week....

With the Priolos in front of our display. These are the sweet people we stayed with all week!
"In one ear...out the other" This was the best sand sculpture we saw at Virginia Beach.
Out to eat at IHOP with Pastor Coles, other missionaries and church members. It seems that no missions conference is complete without this happening at least once.

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