We would like to welcome to this world our new nephew, David Peter Knickerbocker! David is the first child to be born in the "next generation" of Knickerbockers, the first nephew for us and first grandchild to Stephen's parents. He was born on September 25th 2012, was 23 inches long, and weighed 10.2 lbs.  We were blessed to have an opening in our schedule to travel to delaware and see him and to spend time with Samuel and Justine (his proud parents). Here are a few pictures from the trip...
Dr. Peter Knickerbocker
10/1/2012 16:15:50

I'm glad you got to visit the threesome. I'm sure you were honored to meet DPK. Have a great week we will be praying that good news will meet their goal. we got a card for Dr. Coles today.


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