What a privilege to be apart of the Lighthouse Baptist Church Mission Conference! Pastor John Godfrey was the main speaker for the conference. The Lord greatly used Pastor Godfrey's messages to touch our hearts and help us all learn more about God's heart and missions. 
This church is Julie's home church, the church that helped her become the young woman she is today. It was a blessing to be able to spend much time with the children during this conference, teaching them bible stories and a bit of French! By the end of the conference, some of the children were greeting the adults with short sentences such as "Bonjour! Comment ca-va?" 
We were also blessed to spend time with Pastor Tartaglino and his family and with Pastor John Lafreniere and his wife Abby- two men who had a great deal of influence in Julie's life growing up. We are also thankful for the good time of fellowship we spent catching up with friends.
Stephen teaching the children on Friday evening.
Only in Waterbury do we typically see signs like this one...

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